With this many used LPs staring me in the face, there just HAD to be at least one or two that would fill in some kind of gap in my TSV collection. About ten minutes into my perusal at the Northlake Festival Goodwill, I saw this “WTF?”  LP: (click on images for a bigger version)



Tom Bosley doing sex jokes? That’s good enough for me. This comedy LP from 1976 led by stand-up veteran Jackie Vernon also features Louisa Moritz who, as the liner notes say, “…has a lot going for her more than talent.” That’s kind of a code that she was destined to end up doing a lot of topless scenes in B-movies. Tom Bosley talking about sex provides a good contrast to his role as Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days or his pitches for Glad Heavyweight Trashbags. I’ll listen to it this Sunday.

With time running out, I saw the LP I was destined to find before some hipster grabbed it on Saturday:



This Smeck guy is HUGE. Just go to the tubes and put in Roy Smeck and see what you get. He ineveted is own Uke, played anything with strings, and had a really long career. This LP features Smeck playing lots of different instruments. Here’s just one of several Smeck tubes:

So, at 77-cents each, I felt I had really scored some good TSV on my day off. So when I got home, I decided to play my Smeck LP first. WTF? WRONG RECORD INSIDE!! Instead of Smeck, I wound up with a childrens’ record on the Golden Records label. Oh well. That was a lesson I will not forget. And there’s always the e-bays, but that’s like cheating for a real TSV digger like me.


Blog at ya later, and keep diggin!

Hello, boys and girls.  Welcome back to TSV, your home for stories about, and images of, vintage vinyl records.  Here’s Part 1 of my most recent adventure in TSV land.

I took a day off to visit my physical therapist and was able to squeeze in some intense TSV shopping at two Goodwill stores near my doctor’s office. And I got to thinking, as a federal employee, what with this whole sequestration thing, why doesn’t the government just do an across-the-board switch to a four-day work week? G-people like me could just sequester themselves at home, put on a crock pot filled with some vittles  and listen to some vintage vinyl. Or they could hit the thrifts and take care of some personal errands when it’s less busy on the roads. Whatever.

OK, on to today’s first TSV find.

I almost shat my pants when I saw the huge stacks of LPs when I walked into the Lilburn, GA Goodwill. However, after about 30 seconds of perusal, it was clear that some guy named Ray Brown had either lost his religion or died. It was 99.9% pure praise and gospel (P&G) music, with every LP cover scrawled with a big “RAY BROWN” in thick magic marker. Literally hundreds of praise and gospel music LPs, with Mr. Browns favorite group being these gospel dudes called The Florida Boys. But, as you folks might know from some previous TSV posts, there is one genre of P&G LP that I will grab every time: the White Gospel Group Tour Bus (WGGTB) LP. Nothing like a WGG posing in front of a vintage 1960s bus. I just kept thinking there just HAD to be WGGTB LP in such a huge pile of P&G records. I swear on a stack of praise LPs that, in the last 10 records, THERE IT WAS!


Some of you may recognize the bus as a “Silver Eagle,” a German-made model that comprised much of the bus fleet of  Trailways bus lines. The author has spent many hours on such buses,  but not with the Happy Goodman Family. This makes about 10 WGGTB LPs in my collection.

You don’t get to ride in your own Silver Eagle bus unless you bring in the money, and the Happy Goodman Family were no slouches when it came to hitting the road and singing gospel music.  It may not be my favorite genre, but I respect their hard work in the name of Jesus.

Having tapped out the Lilburn Goodwill, it was off to the Northlake Goodwill.  I was again confronted with a HUGE selection of TSV, almost as many LPs as I encountered in Lilburn.  RAY BROWN was not in evidence in this new pile, so I felt I had a good chance to score some good stuff.  Little did I know I was going to experience a tragic phenomenon that afflicts many a hasty TSV collector. That will be in Part 2. Stay tuned.