February 10, 2013

Just because I haven’t blogged on this blog for a while does not mean that I have not been consistently trying to find some new thrift store vinyl.  So rather than go into “deep” analysis, I provide here some of my latest finds with a brief synopsis of each LP and, all importantly, the track listings which can really make or break the decision to purchase a thrift store vinyl LP.  Here we go!

The amazing and underrated  guitarist Billy Murre arranged and conducted this GREAT newstalgia LP that just blows me away every time I listen to it.  Highly recommended!

Palm Beach Band Boys ~ Strike Again LP

RCA Victor LSP 3808 Stereo 1967

Arranged and Conducted by Billy Mure

Track List :

The Object Of My Affection

Me & My Shadow


At Sundown

You Tell Me Your Dream


Strangers In The Night

Mean To Me

I Don’t Know Why

I’ll Get By


This is a soundtrack LP arranged and conducted by “Johnny Williams,” who later went on to become simply “John” Williams of movie music (and Boston Pops) fame.  Let me tell you that his earlier stuff, like this LP, is MUCH more interesting than Jaws and Star Wars and all that crap.  Good stuff at 99 cents:

Penelope (Soundtrack)

MGM Records E/SE-4426 ST



Composed and Conducted by Johnny Williams

Track listing

1. Penelope (Sung by the Pennypipers) (01:59)

2. Poolside (03:12)

3. Penny’s Arcade (02:30)

4. La Bostella (02:14)

5. The Girl in the Yellow Dress (02:40)

6. Penelope (Instrumental) (03:24)

7. Penelope (Love Theme) (03:15)

8. Girl Chase (03:25)

9. The Sun Is Gray (Sung by Natalie Wood) (02:20)

Composed by Gale Garnett

10. Sadaba (02:30)

11. At the Art Museum (03:14)

12. The Mad Professor (01:52)

Wow.  Found in an Alabama thrift store.  Too amazing to explain here.  57 Cents.


Track Listing


Blues in The Night

Gypsy Rhapsody

Main Title From “The Man With The Golden Arm”

Blue Tango

La Macarena


Come Back to Sorrento


Beachcomber Blues

April in Portugal

Rhapsody in Blue

This is just a crazy-ass LP that has alleged “authentic” African songs from various tribes.  Who am I to complain?



Mercury Records MG 21013

Track listing

1. Feast of the Strong Men (02:06)

2. Dingaka Lullaby – Tula Baba (01:23)

3. Dingaka Lullaby – Tula Baba (Onika’s Song) (01:02)

4. Tribal Prayer (01:31)

5. Funeral Drums (01:20)

6. When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder (02:39)

7. Song of the Labourers (01:21)

8. Mineworker’s Song (01:14)

9. Body and Bones (01:54)

10. Cheeni Cheeni (00:45)

11. Drinking Song (01:00)

12. Friday Night (01:54)

13. Gumboot Dance (01:27)

14. Song on the White Mountain (01:30)

15. Down-and-Out Song (01:31)

16. Song of the Convicts (01:45)

17. Python Dance (02:00)

18. Thunder Orgy (00:47)

19. Placating the Gods (02:33)

20. Song of Joy (01:38)

21. Shosholoza (Go In Peace) (01:38)