I didn’t know it at the time when I picked this up on my recent trip, but this George Roberts LP is a fairly sought-after recording:

It hasn’t been re-released on CD, so it remains steeply priced on the Intar-Webs.  Roberts was known as “Mr. Bass Trombone,” and he is certainly that and more on this LP.  It’s hard not to like the bass trombone as played by Roberts.  No gimmicks on this LP;   just straight-ahead playing of American standards with a great embouchure and sound.  And the sextet rocks along the whole way.  Every song’s a winner, and if you’ve never heard a bass Tram-Bone, you don’t know what you’re missing (and John Williams of movie-music fame is on the piano).  

I found a youtubes of George Roberts playing on the Lawrence Welk show.  Dig the product placement in this one: