White Music

January 30, 2010

Hello from “Thrift Store Vinyl,” The IP’s specifically LP-related blog. The IP went out this cold rainy morning and uncovered some hot thrift store LPs, one of which he features here:

It was an obvious choice to snag this LP by Barry White. 1974 was a formative year for the author, and he sure remembers hearing Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra in his adolescent musical background. He wasn’t “makin’ love” as implied in the music, but it got him thinking WTF Barry was talkin’ about.

And one has to give it up to Barry for creating his own “sound” and persona. Comin’ straight outta South Central LA, Barry was a lover, not a gangsta; not that his raps weren’t unique:

Certain things turn me on
Like the way you might say a word or
The way you wear your hair
You have a certain smile on your face

By just the way you’re standing there right now
Now you really, really, really, look good to me, baby
In your baby blue panties, yes love, you look good to me right now
In your baby blues, them baby blues and you

That’s from “Baby Blues,” a song from Rhapsody In White, the LP that also includes the Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra’s “Love’s Theme,” Barry’s first #1 hit. Lots of “chicki-wick chicki-wick chew-wah” guitar and funky drumbeats. And those strings! Those smoove strings!! Some say “Love’s Theme” was the very first disco song. Irregardless, it captures 1974 better than any other song.

Barry’s fare is definitely background music, a musical background more than ostensibly engineered for various acts of “love” or modeling of panties. Barry’s got [had] unlimited amounts of love.

Listen to LUO and Barry White below: