New Finds

September 29, 2009

By special request from Kenneth Buttercup comes this post about a couple of The IP’s latest thrift store LPs. Kenneth has good timing because just this weekend The IP scored two sweet LPs down at the Goodwill. First we’ll look at the more frivolous of the two, Cha Cha Charm by Jan August:

First of all, even without having listened to the music, The IP liked this one because of the awesome cover. Don’t those two dancers look “authentic?” But just as good as the cover is the kick-ass sextet that plays with August that includes such studio music workhorses as Eddie Layton on organ, Tony Mottola on guitar, and Terry Snyder on drums. The IP has several LPs of those artists’ own releases, so this LP comes with a musical familiarity that he cannot deny. Eddie Layton, especially, is one of The IP’s favorites!

The music is LISTENABLE ++, with a vigorous slate of cha cha tunes that are not “sweetened” up with strings. It’s straight-ahead cha cha with a small group. As the liner notes declare:
Working with some excellent cha cha arrangements, August and his sextet develolp a contagion that socks just as hard as the normal 20 and 25-musicians on other cha cha sessions.

The IP agrees that this LP is contagious.

The second LP The IP found was a real gem, a compilation of recordings from one of the fathers of the High Fidelity Movement, Emory Cook:

If you’ve never heard of Emory Cook, you should realize that all his recordings are held by the Smithsonian, and he is said by the same to be “widely regarded as one of the top audio engineers of all time.” The IP concurs, and he can’t figure out how he can still find such cool LPs at Goodwill. Brilliant!And check out the playlist:


And talk about good copy. Read what it says on the margins of the cover:


“Indecent proportions” “shady development of high fidelity”…WTF! That’s crazy!

Stay tuned for the next music-related post. It’s gonna be all about the Newstalgia Movement of the late-1960s.