This is the first in a series of posts about “questionable” LP covers.  The IP will feature one a week until he gets tired of it or he runs out of questionable covers, whichever comes first. 


What is it about this LP cover that makes The IP cringe?




You get the impression that they actually told the woman to “look as sleazy and tramp-like as possible.”  In fact, they (likely men) “suggested” what she might do to achieve that end.  Her blouse is completely unbuttoned, she’s doing that stupid “naughty little girl” thing with her left hand, and her right hand is pulling down the front of her “pants.”  She’s exposing her belly button and, The IP hates to say it, but it looks like she’s got no underwear on under there.  Bare feet.  Big bare feet.  Nothing wrong with that.  At least she’s sitting on what looks like a Saarinen-design stool, albeit suggestively.  What is that thing in her right hand?  Some kind of “lucky charm?” 


She might actually look kinda cool if not for all that over-the-top suggestiveness.  Well, it is the hits of 1967, after all.  That “loose” look, for lack of a better term, was popular back then (it still is today in some circles).


The LP itself is the musical equivalent of a damp dishtowel.  Music To Watch Girls By is OK, but that song is almost always good no matter who does it.  The “Academy Award Orchestra” has no distinctive style or quirkiness to make this LP really worth listening to; but that horrible cover!!