October 1, 2008

Boy.  How bout that economy? WTF?   A “Subprime” mortgage?”  That sounds akin to a slice of cheap meat; with e-coli.  But I digress, just a little, because I’ve been listening about and thinking to Terry Baxter these last few evenings; you know, after work, with a beer/s and the stereo.  I found his LPs to be so good that I actually did a lot of research on Terry Baxter lately, which is hard to do, because you can’t find much on Terry Baxter at all.




But I feel, after having listened to Terry Baxter the last few nights, I can predict a steady increase in the value of his LPs beginning around the New Year.  His “sound” is ready and ripe for 2009.  I can feel it.  The below graph shows my projection for the value of Terry Baxter LPs:




My advice is to buy your Terry Baxter LPs now before they get to pricey.  This is a perfect time to get into the Terry Baxter market at a good price and then watch the value of his output increase over the next year.  At the point when his catalog is released on CD the value will plummet.  Get in now so you can buy TB LPs, migrate them to digital media, sell the LPs, and make upwards $12.00 in pure profit when you consider the time and effort it takes to drive around in your car with gas at $4.69 a gallon and the thrift stores far and few between and with e-bay not worth it because of the shipping cost and that they probably already have Terry Baxter on the Intarwebs for free or cheap and that maybe…etc.